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Warren Buffet Wrong on Bitcoin

Warren Buffett said bitcoin “is a mirage” and compared it to checks and money orders. “A check is a way of transmitting money, too. Are checks worth a whole lot of money just because they can transmit money? Are money orders? … The idea that

Atilus Becomes First US Ad Agency to Accept Bitcoin

Bonita Springs, FL, Atilus, a full-service web development and Internet marketing firm, has become the first ad agency in the United States and state of Florida to accept Bitcoins. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that enables payments to anyone in the world. Bitcoin refers

Taiwan Banking Regulator Forbids Bitcoin ATMs

Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) will not allow the installation of Bitcoin ATMs in the country because it believes Bitcoins are not a currency and should therefore not be accepted by individuals or banks as payment, said FSC chairman Tseng Ming-chung. Tseng Ming-chung’s statement was

Bitcoinvention Asia 2014 Cancelled

The Bitcoinvention Asia 2014, the first and biggest Asian Bitcoin conference, which was scheduled to take place in February 12-13 next year, has been cancelled. The decision was made by the organizers after seeing that it is impossible to hold the event on the scheduled

Lamassu Sells 100th Bitcoin ATM

Within the first four months of sales, the world’s leading Bitcoin ATM manufacturer has received over 120 orders for their sleek countertop machines. After reaching the 100-machine landmark, Lamassu, Inc. set up an online map of bitcoin ATM destinations that will continue to be updated

Bitcoins Spring Up in Growers Super Store

Growers House (retail) and (online store), hydroponics suppplies and grow room equipment super stores, are now accepting Bitcoins as a method of payment. As the popularity and security of Bitcoin increases, the anonymous currency is becoming widely used to purchase items online, and has

Australia’s First Bitcoin ATM Set for Melbourne

A local exchange plans the first Bitcoin ATMs in Australia starting with Melbourne. And 21st Century Bitcoin Exchange says discussions will start soon with the government on regulating the Bitcoin market. “With Bitcoins revolutionising traditional monetary transactions, Australia-based 21st Century Bitcoin Exchange is the first

Enriching: Agora Commodities Bitcoin Silver Specie

Agora Commodities has teamed up with New Liberty, the makers of the Bitcoin Silver Specie, in order to shorten much of the gap that still exists between the historical standard of money i.e., gold and silver and the digital world’s first currency, Bitcoin. The possibility

Vandelay Web Accepts Bitcoin Payment

Web and systems development firm, Vandelay Web, announced Friday that they would now accept the online currency, BitCoin, as a valid form of payment for their services. Per, Vandelay Web will be one of only nine merchants in the metro Atlanta area to accept

Leading Bitcoin Wallet Company Buys Popular Mobile Bitcoin Application

The world’s most popular bitcoin site and online wallet,, today announced it has acquired ZeroBlock LLC, makers of the leading mobile bitcoin app. ZeroBlock’s developer, Dan Held, will also join the Blockchain team as a Product Manager. Released in summer 2013, ZeroBlock has become

Belgian Teleco accepts Bitcoin for Phone Top-Ups

Belgian teleco Mobile Vikings announced this week that it will begin accepting payment in BitCoin for SIM top-ups. Their help and support page details: After you’ve saved some bitcoins, you can use them to top up your SIM card or to buy a gift from

Mobile Nations Welcomes Growth in Bitcoin Transactions

Mobile Nations, a leading provider of ‘all things mobile’, started accepting bitcoin payments in early December. So far, the currency has proved to be a success for the retailer. Mobile Nations operates store fronts such as ShopAndroid, ShopCrackberry, Windows Phone Central and, of course, the

US Discounter to Accept Bitcoins in 2014

To the delight of many, has recently announced they will start accepting bitcoins as a form of payment next year. While the official statement is that they will begin accepting them in the second half of next year, Patrick Byrne, CEO of asserts

Bangalore Pizza Joint Now Accepts Bitcoins

BANGALORE: Tarun Thadani, the proprietor of a vintage-themed pizza outlet in the posh Worli area of Mumbai, thinks he is making history. On Saturday, his restaurant Kolonial announced that its patrons can pay in bitcoins instead of rupees, thus laying claim to the title of

Nevada Bar Bitcoin-Curious

Reno, NV (KRNV & – Jay Yerxa is a self-proclaimed tech geek and early adopter of Bitcoin, so passionate about this digital currency, that he spends his free time introducing Bitcoin to local businesses, like Red Rock bar in downtown Reno. Red Rock started

Bitcoin Only Accepted by Perth Home Seller

FOR SALE: A five-bedroom Perth Hills property for $1.4 million that overlooks a lake and has air-conditioning, a pool, timber decking and even a wood-fired pizza oven. The only catch: the owner must be paid in a digital currency known as bitcoin. The sale, which

Bitcoin the Currency for an Independent Scotland?

Scotland has oil, it’s small and can adopt the same regulatory measures as Singapore or Switzerland. That’s everything it needs to eventually join the list of the richest nations of the world, Dominic Frisby, author of ‘Life After the State’, told RT.

“Scotland has the oil, it’s small, its population is less than 5 million and it has the same record. It has the opportunity to install the same regulatory and legislative [measures], to take the same options as Singapore or Switzerland. No other country in the world has the triple: the oil, regulatory issues and the fact that it is small,” Frisby told RT’s Max Keiser on his show, the Keiser Report.

While writing his book “Life After the State,” Frisby researched the list of the richest nations in the world based on GDP per capita. He explains that some of the states got onto the list because of their huge oil stocks, others due to their favorable regulatory legislation, but all of them have something in common – they are relatively small in size.

“In first place it’s Qatar, in second place it’s Luxemburg, and then you have the likes of Switzerland, Norway, Singapore, Hong Kong (that counts as a country on those lists), Brunei, etc. Some of these countries have got rich because of their oil. But in that case, why isn’t there Saudi Arabia on the list? Why isn’t Russia or Venezuela? Saudi Arabia is, by the way, 28th. Some of the countries have got there because of their oil, some because of the favorable legislation regulation, which means people either want to base themselves there or operate out of there, they are very tax-friendly. But these are regulatory and legislative options that are available to other countries in the world, they just haven’t been adopted,” Frisby said.

“The one thing all these countries on the list have in common is that they are small. They all have populations below 5 million, only Switzerland has above 7 million people, with the exception of the US which is at the 7th or 8th position. But in 1950-1970 the US topped that list, but as its state has grown and government has become more centralized, the US has slipped,” Frisby said.

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon pose for picture during a press conference to launch their regional government’s long-awaited “white paper” ahead of next year’s historic independence referendum, at Glasgow Science Centre in Glasgow, Scotland, on November 26, 2013. (AFP Photo / Andy Buchanan)

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon pose for picture during a press conference to launch their regional government’s long-awaited “white paper” ahead of next year’s historic independence referendum, at Glasgow Science Centre in Glasgow, Scotland, on November 26, 2013. (AFP Photo / Andy Buchanan)

Frisby argues that Scotland combines all the necessary characteristics to become one of the richest countries in the world. Moreover, Scotland has “a huge history in finance and banking,” he said.

Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of keeping the British pound, if Scotland votes for independence in a referendum in September, Frisby said that would be “the dumbest decision that Scotland will make.”

“It will be exactly the same dynamic of Southern Europe that Greece faces. You have interest rates set in Westminster that suit London and England in the same way the interest rates set in Brussels suit Germany, and then in the process Greece or Spain have been absolutely annihilated by that. The same thing could happen to Scotland. If it is going to be independent, be independent. They have to learn to live off their tax base as well,” Frisby told Max Keiser.

Frisby said that he favors crypto-currencies such as bitcoin, stating that “technology of electronic cash is infinitely superior” and it’s pretty obvious that that’s the way money is going.

“Here is Scotland with an opportunity to be the trailblazer and be the first government to use cryptocurrency. Well, Icelanders are already doing that now,” Frisby said.


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Britain: Arcades Play with Bitcoin

A growing number of establishments are accepting Bitcoin as payment. Now you can even use it to play arcade games.

British company Liberty Games combined the cutting edge currency with the aging gaming platform to make a simple transaction hilariously complicated. The company used a Raspberry Pi and a PiFace add-on to make the payment interface.

Liberty Games first tried their Bitcoin payment mod on a pool table. After receiving good feedback for that mod, the company decided to apply it on an arcade machine.

The great thing about their method is that it doesn’t mess with the machine’s software, which means it can be performed on pretty much any coin-operated arcade game. Not that you should.


Originally posted 2014-02-05 06:05:46.

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