1 Million Users: Blockchain Leads Online Bitcoin Wallet

The year 2013 has been an unforgettable one for Blockchain. The website features an online wallet service and tools to watch and analyze bitcoin transactions in real time. As the number of wallets has doubled from 500,000 since November, the world’s most popular bitcoin website is proud to announce reaching one million wallets for their wallet service.

Blockchain’s userbase has grown exponentially over the past year. 2013 hit off with just over 100,000 users of their wallet service, and in 2014 they begin the year with one million. The growing bitcoin company asserts themselves as the leader in online wallet services, as well as being the most recognized hub of information by millions of users. The growth seen over the past year has happened during a pivotal time for bitcoin. Blockchain plans to build this milestone into an outreach opportunity for bitcoin newbies and enthusiasts.

With one million wallets and rising, Blockchain’s leadership role in the bitcoin world is only just beginning.


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