Australian Pet Photographer Accepts Bitcoins

An Australian Pet Photographer, known as Pupparazzi, is planning to start accepting Bitcoin as payment. This is news that people should be aware of because of the fact that Pupparazzi appears to be the very first pet photographer in the world to be doing this. It will be a great opportunity for people to save huge amounts on their photography requirements, particularly that it involves pet photography. Hence, everyone wishing to acquire great discounts on their required pet photography should check out the availability of the services offered by Pupparazzi.

Dealing with animals and photography is indeed an exciting aspect to work with. This is particularly true when people are involved with pet photography. However, it is quite a hassle when a customer will need the service of a provider who is on the other corner of the world. Such hassle also involves the payment process. Paying a photographer who comes from a distant place is never a comfortable task. Hence, most people rather choose the service of a provider who is just in close to them. However, this concern will now be resolved by a reliable Australian pet photographer named as Pupparazzi. This is all down to the introduction of accepting Bitcoin payment.

The introduction of this payment method offered by Pupparazzi must be a real blessing to those people in need of the service of an efficient photographer from afar. With this Bitcoin payment option, everyone will free themselves from the hassles brought by paying a photographer since it comes with a more convenient transaction. This has also been a great opportunity for Puparazzi Pet Photography since it appears to be the very first pet photographer to be doing this in the world. In addition to this, Pupparazzi will also provide an extra perk. With immediate effect, Pupparazzi will be doing this and the first ten clients to pay with the use of Bitcoin will get a 30% discount on typical prices for sessions on pet photography.

Pupparazzi Pet Photography has already served a number of customers in need of an effective pet photographer. This has been great evidence for their efficiency and dependability. To further support its credibility, Pupparazzi has also been registered recently as a trademark in Australia, making them worthy to consider in terms of professional photography service.


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