Bitcoin: 50 Cent Embracing New Currency

Imagine you’re wanting to purchase the new 50 Cent album but don’t have the U.S. dollars in your bank account to do so. But hey, there’s that bitcoin you mined a couple months ago. Maybe he’ll take that.

Turns out he will.

The rapper is accepting cryptocurrency for his latest album, Animal Ambition, CoinDesk reports. The record can be purchased this way via his Shopify store.
The transactions are managed by BitPay, which processes each bitcoin payment.

BitPay’s executive chairman was excited about 50 Cent’s addition to the bitcoin-accepting family.

“We are excited to see high profile independent artists use bitcoin and 50 Cent’s trail as an innovator is outstanding,” BitPay’s Tony Gallippi said in a statement.

A recent Reddit Q&A found the rapper with a more forward-thinking approach when it comes to accepting payment.

“Stay with times,” he wrote. “Technology is what’s changing the business, gotta get with it. I take money no matter if its [sic] coins or dollars.”

At the current exchange rate, Animal Ambition would go for about .01 in bitcoin.

Though there have been rumblings about artists accepting bitcoin for their music, 50 Cent may be the first major musician to actually do it. According to CoinDesk, Snoop Dogg and Childish Gambino have also expressed interest in accepting cryptocurrency, but to no avail so far.

Animal Ambition hit shelves earlier this week.


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