Bitcoin ATM to be Showcased at ATMIA Conference


Genesis Coin Inc. is pleased to announce that the company’s flagship Genesis1 Bitcoin ATM will be showcased at this year’s ATMIA USA conference, “Reinventing the ATM,” in Orlando, Florida from February 11th to February 13th at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Studios. ATMIA USA’s annual conference and expo is the largest ATM-focused event in the world. The Genesis1 ATM will be showcased in the Grant Victor Innovation Lounge, along with other products that highlight the next generation of self-service technology.

“Bitcoin, while still in its infancy, has already proven itself to be a serious platform for facilitating economic exchange on a global scale… and yet this only scratches the surface of the technology’s true potential,” remarked Genesis Coin CEO Evan Rose. “The unique properties of the Bitcoin payment network represent a tremendous boon for businesses and consumers alike. Bitcoin eliminates chargeback risk while dramatically reducing processing fees, and consumers needn’t worry about theft of their private financial information.”

Grant Victor’s CEO, Jeff Matthews, commented, “We are excited to showcase Bitcoin ATM technology in the Grant Victor Innovation Lounge at the ATMIA convention. As an increasing number of major retailers start accepting Bitcoin payments, new opportunities will be available to ATM operators. Grant Victor continually explores new technology innovations that support industry growth.”

The Genesis1 provides instantaneous conversion services between traditional currencies and Bitcoin through a user-friendly interface. While Bitcoin remains an esoteric concept to many, novices will find that the future of currency exchange is familiar. Fast, intuitive, and with no previous experience or degrees in cryptography necessary, the Genesis1 aims to be the premier gateway to digital currency.

“While the Bitcoin network is growing at an impressive rate, the barriers to adoption remain high. Our Bitcoin ATM all but removes theses hurdles by allowing anyone access to the technology,” remarked Rose. “New users can get their first wallet in under a minute, and current holders can enjoy immediate liquidity. ”

The brainchild of a programmer known to the world only as Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin digital currency transcends all borders and remains a top contender for the title of the world’s first global currency. Bitcoin is a system based on voluntary peer-to-peer interaction. With the entire market cap of Bitcoin holding steady around $10 billion, the potential for growth is staggering.

“At Genesis Coin we believe that digital currency will shape the future of how we facilitate exchange on a universal scale,” reflects Rose, “Though the Bitcoin software has not yet reached version 1.0, it has already engendered a wave of transformation, opening up the doors of the global economy as never before. Merchants and consumers who had hitherto been separated by fees as high as the seven seas can now transact with ease.”