Bitcoin Donations Sought by African Children’s Charity


Bitcoin can be of great assistance for those who are destitute; in that pursuit, prominent African Bitcoin campaigner Alakanini Itireleng is asking for donations for Botswana’s SOS Children’s Villages. The organization was founded in 1980 and since then has been working towards the welfare of the orphaned, destitute and abandoned children.

In its official website the organization says that these villages aim to develop children into responsible and independent adults who will have the inner strength to cope with the challenges of the future. Bitcoin can be of great assistance for the poor kids who have lost their parents and everything in war and other human made tragedies.

In one Alakanini said that she wants to help make this project a reality not only or those children in SOS but to show that Bitcoin is the right and only authentic way of building the community, the funds raised go straight to where they are needed.

Donations will go Towards Education of the Destitute Kids

According to the statement issued the funds which are going to be collected in Bitcoin are going to be used for helping older children transition to an independent life once they have left the villages. Though the entire Africa is in dire need of funds, some regions are in dire need of money, particularly the sub-Saharan Africans.

For instance, though Botswana actually ranks quite high on several human development indexes it also ranks third in the world for adult HIV/AIDS prevalence. AIDS has left countless young children orphaned and with no place to live and prone to abuse. Alakanini believes that the organization is helping such kids to have normal life.

She says that Botswana’s vision of being a compassionate and caring nation has led to several policy changes including inviting NGOs to work and provide better lives for orphans and destitute. As she has been a Bitcoin campaigner, she not just cares about Bitcoin but also the destitute who can benefit from the digital currency.

According to Alakanini this is also to show that the Bitcoin community is not greedy or thieves as people tend to think. She asks that let the good outshine the bad and she showing how to do just that. Being a Bitcoin advocate she made a presentation of her work at the Bitcoin2014 conference in Amsterdam and requested Bitcoiners to come to Africa.