Bitcoinvention Asia 2014 Cancelled

The Bitcoinvention Asia 2014, the first and biggest Asian Bitcoin conference, which was scheduled to take place in February 12-13 next year, has been cancelled. The decision was made by the organizers after seeing that it is impossible to hold the event on the scheduled dates due to several reasons.

This decision is final after the organizers claimed that after looking into some important aspects of the convention, they found out some matters that need further study and development to assure the success the convention.

“We agree thats it’s not the right time to hold this event (February 12th 2014) since we feel the market is not yet ready for it, since the regulatory status of the Bitcoin is still unclear” Event Manager of the Bitcoinvention, affirmed.

Recently, Bitcoin had faced an erratic ride not only with the highest price surge but also with the Asian regulations surrounding this crypto currency. Though most Asian countries haven’t drafted certain governing actions for bitcoins, there are some which had already stated their stands like Thailand, and lately South Korea. Alongside with several countries having restrictive approaches to this digital currency, there are still few areas of the Asian market that are uncertain to accept bitcoins as a payment solution for financial and business transactions.

All attendees, speakers, as well as sponsors have already been notified prior to this announcement. The organizers of this event added that they were satisfied with the increasing demand of attendees, speakers and even sponsors to take part in this event.
The new date for the Asian Bitcoin convention will be announced soon after all the details will be polished. Bitcoin is definitely the digital currency of the future, and the Asian convention will still cover all the aspects surrounding this digital currency together with a better offer of certainty about bitcoins.


Originally posted 2013-12-30 03:29:36.

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