Igot to Protect Users from Bitcoin Volatility

Recently, Igot, an Australian bitcoin exchange has been able to overcome a big hurdle associated with facilitating the trading of the digital currency, and that hurdle is volatility. Igot customers can now buy and sell when the trading prices are as per their expectations by setting specific price points for automatic trades.

The newly introduced Future Trade feature has brought about greater usability and fairer pricing. Before the introduction of this feature, customers had to keep an eye on the ongoing variation in the bitcoin market and among different exchanges. The fluctuations in market trading price can discourage first time users and they can end up in a losing situation.

The fluctuations and variance in pricing between exchanges can be daunting. The bitcoin world has received growing public interest, but people who have just stepped into this field can end up losing money due to the fluctuations. The Future Trade feature has fully addressed this issue.

Now the exchange rate will only be updated when the bitcoin market-trading price matches a user’s determined price for buying or selling. The users can remain confident and can even be aware of the expected outcome from their queued up trades. The Future trade feature provides a valuable safeguard against volatility, and gives Igot customers more control over their financial decisions.


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