Lets Fly Cheaper with Bitcoin

Lets Fly Cheaper has just announced that it will begin offering customers the convenient option of paying for business and first class tickets using bitcoin. Bitcoin is the new virtual currency that has received so much attention in the last few months.

A wide range of businesses are realizing the unique advantages of using bitcoin and have jumped on board by giving their customers this option for payment. Among those is Richard Branson, who recently announced that he will be accepting bitcoin in payment for future flights into space. His company, Virgin Galactic, is already accepting reservations for space travel.

The Peruvian Brothers, a popular D.C. food truck will also be accepting bitcoins in payment for food purchases. The brothers agreed that it only made sense. Their customers can now use a smartphone to find their food truck and pay for purchases.

Lets Fly Cheaper is a major network of travel experts who specialize in offering low-cost business travel to both domestic and international destinations. Their services are highly customizable and they have the resources to move a company’s whole department to a convention in another city. They also provide fully customized first-class travel experiences and savings of up to 70% on every business trip.

Company spokesperson, Ramon Van Meer, had this to say, “We believe this is a good move for our company. It offers an extra option for payment with lower transaction fees for our customers and will not require much in the way of revamping or modifying our systems. We have teams standing by 24/7 to help customers if they have questions.”

Lets Fly Cheaper will get last-minute holiday travelers to their destination on time and at the best rates available. With a powerful insider’s travel network, they have the capabilities to offer flexible itineraries, from regular to uncommon. They are A-rated by the Better Business Bureau.

Lets Fly Cheaper is a Global Luxury Travel expert specializing in top-notch service for business and first class travelers on all major airlines. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area, they also have regional headquarters in Australia and Hong Kong. They strive to provide customers with the most excellent travel experience possible.


Originally posted 2013-12-17 01:47:55.

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