Vanity Surgery gets Currency Face-lift with Bitcoins

Since Vanity began doing business, they have gone through extraordinary lengths to facilitate payment options for their international patients. Since they treat people from all over the world, they usually accepted most major currencies, but now with the implementation of Bitcoin they open the doors to new possibilities in cyberspace.

By doing this, Vanity becomes the only medical center in the world to accept Bitcoins as an official payment method. Patients may request to pay with Bitpoints, when they call or visit any of their three centers in South Florida. These innovative service benefits anyone, especially foreigners who do not want to exchange their currency for US dollars, who already have a Bitcoin account.

What does this mean to patients? They can now use their loaded Bitcoin account to pay for a breast augmentation or a nose job, or maybe a laser hair removal treatment. This will definitely transform the way people will choose their doctors in the near future.

Initially any currency could be converted into this internet token, but now the other way around is possible ,with the new ATM machines installed in some places across the globe. Bitcoins can usually be used to pay things with a cellphones or in certain online stores. As such, once Bitcoin’s concept becomes global, traveling around would not require monetary exchange, as more brick-and-mortar businesses start to welcome this new payment method. For users the Bitcoin website offers a lot of security measures for a minor price.



Originally posted 2013-11-02 02:45:50.

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