Painting Sold for 200 Bitcoins ($125000) by German Artist

The one-of-a-kind artwork, which depicts the currency symbol of controversial crypto-currency, Bitcoin, was sold to a Seattle internet entrepreneur earlier this month. Paid for using the peer-to-peer payment system itself, the price was not disclosed. The face value at the time of sale, however, was approximately $125,000.

“200 Bitcoins”, a piece comprising of 200 individual representations of the Bitcoin currency symbol arranged in a grid 10 across by 20 deep and dedicated to mysterious Bitcoin protocol creator Satoshi Nakamoto, has caused a considerable stir within both the Bitcoin and art communities alike.

“It’s easy to write off [Bitcoin] as something with no intrinsic value, but so are most other currencies. When I realized this to be true of most art works too, I knew I had to make something.”

Inspired by Andy Warhol’s “200 One Dollar Bills,” the piece is widely recognized as the first to incorporate a depiction of virtual currency. Goda’s follow-up to “200 Bitcoins” will address similar themes and will be published shortly.

The artist, operating under the pseudonym Kuno Goda – a name borrowed in part from Konrad Zuse, creator of the first working computer and a painter under the guise “Kuno See” – lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. Born in the German Democratic Republic during the 1980’s, he is a trained engineer and artist.


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